Ibex August update

Connor Coutts
August 9, 2022
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Want an AI CRM tool which is flexible enough to drive the KPIs important to your business?
With the latest Ibex release, we have added the ability to configure different strategies which optimise for three different KPIs:  
  1. Income (default)
  2. Deposit Value
  3. Volume  
Ibex adapts its marketing recommendations to optimise for the strategy configured which has a number of use cases in marketing lifecycles.  
For example, if you are marketing to a new region for the first time, often a goal is to drive as much customer traffic as possible. In this case, utilising the volume strategy will help achieve this specific business goal.
In later marketing lifecycles, you already have an established customer base where you are looking to be efficient with marketing spend. Taking advantage of the income strategy here will achieve this.  
This new feature has proved invaluable for some of our existing partners and allows Ibex to be even more versatile across a range of markets and business circumstances.
Ibex embedded reports
Recently, we have undertaken an overhaul to our reporting setup. Part of this work involved embedding our reporting suite into the Ibex portal so that reports are only one click away with a singular login.  
Furthermore, the reports have been re-designed with our partners in mind so that we are showing the most actionable insights to our regular users.  
A key new feature we have added is our customer journey report. This presents information on which recommendations individual customers have received as well as an overview on their value to your business, which can be particularly useful for the customer service side of your marketing team.  

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