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Ibex uses machine learning to provide automated and intelligent marketing recommendations

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Solving major CRM industry challenges with AI at our core

Ibex enables you to use machine learning algorithms to predict the best marketing action for each customer. Ibex automatically personalises promotions across different channels and takes care of the science behind marketing, allowing you to create the most eye-catching content.


Increase profit margins by greatly minimising bonus spend

High bonus and retention costs pose a challenge for CRM teams as they directly impact profitability and require efficient cost management strategies.

Driven by AI, Ibex calculates a full player P&L for each combination of offers and players leading to a more efficient allocation of marketing resources and increased profit margins

Reduce management needs

With an ever growing customer base, increasing amounts of resources are needed to manage all the campaigns and journeys built.

With Ibex, Gone are the days of manually scheduling marketing campaigns and linking them to hand-picked user groups. Ibex automates the whole marketing lifecycle, reducing the workload for retention teams


Build a strategic ethos

Thinking strategically is often an afterthought when retention teams are bogged down with constant manual execution work. Ibex allows retention teams to build a more strategic mindset by automating previously manual tasks

Harness flexible marketing strategies

With most CRM tools, changing strategy involves a significant amount of work. Ibex can shift its retention strategy with the click of a button to drive the KPIs most important for every marketing lifecycle


Automate your marketing

Ibex automatically calculates and sends the next best action for each player, freeing up time for teams to create the most eye-catching content

Efficiently test and optimise marketing campaigns

Ibex automatically A/B tests new templates and campaigns and continuously optimises its recommendations

Gain actionable insights

Along with automated recommendations, Ibex provides a complete reporting suite at your fingertips, providing actionable insights to constantly improve your retention efforts



Ibex offers a completely free, zero-integration trial so that you can test out the benefits AI-driven marketing can have on your customer base

Real-time marketing

Our real-time capabilities enable you to implement targeted campaigns that reach your customers at the optimal time, resulting in increased engagement and retention


Ibex is designed to scale as your business grows, allowing you to efficiently manage and engage with an increasing number of customers as you grow

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