Data Protection Laws means any applicable Law relating to the processing, privacy, and/or use of Personal Data, as applicable to either party or the Services, including:
Protected Data means personal data received from or on behalf of the Client as part of the Data, or otherwise obtained in connection with the performance of the Ibex.

A Personal Data Breach means any breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, any Protected Data.

For the Protected Data, the Client shall be the Controller (having the meaning of the term in the Data Protection Laws) and Ibex shall be a Processor (having the meaning of the term in the Data Protection Laws).

Ibex shall comply with all Data Protection Laws of the United Kingdom in connection with the processing of Protected Data, the License and the exercise and performance of its respective rights and obligations under this Agreement and shall not by any act or omission cause the Client (or any other person) to be in breach of any Data Protection Laws. Nothing in this Policy relieves Ibex of any responsibilities under any Data Protection Laws.

Ibex warrants and represents to the Client that all information it has provided or shall at any time provide to the Client regarding the security of the Protected Data and any Personal Data Breach is in all cases true, accurate, complete and not misleading.

Nothing in this Policy affects the rights of data subjects under Data Protection Laws (including those in Articles 79 and 82 of the GDPR or in any equivalent Data Protection Laws) against the Client or Ibex.