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Ibex handles the science of AI marketing - allowing your team to focus on creating engaging content

How it works

Ibex uses deep learning algorithms to analyse and predict how customers respond to marketing campaigns. Using machine learning, Ibex selects the best promotion to maximise lifetime value for each customer as well as the ideal channel, message and timing.

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Managing actions

Actions are the way you connect with your customers. Using our intuitive interface each marketing action can be set up and linked to specific templates and channels such as calls, emails and push notifications.

Ibex can understand a variety of action types, from informational marketing messages to discounts and, based on the information provided, is able to calculate the expected cost of each action.

Each action can be linked to one or multiple channels, and within each channel to one or multiple templates. If multiple templates are selected, then Ibex can optimise these as well!


Once your marketing actions are set up, Ibex immediately starts running experiments and A/B tests in order to generate data. When a new action is added, or when templates or channels are added to an existing action, Ibex is testing these changes in order to figure out how different customers respond to the action.

For a typical marketing action, this means that the amount of experimentation decreases over time (as Ibex becomes more certain about the impact this action has on different types of customers). 

However, experimentation can also increase dynamically, for example when a new channel or template is added to an action.

Analysis & Reporting

Ibex crunches a large amount of data when picking the best action for each customer and our extensive reporting suite allows you to track all of this information which can be fed to your system directly via a direct integration.

This allows you to see in detail which decisions Ibex is making (and why) and track KPIs systematically, In addition, it allows you to see where the retention process can be further improved: which communications are working better then others or which customer groups are least likely to change their behaviour when receiving the actions currently set up in the system.


Ibex is continuously learning from every new data point. The deep learning models that are powering Ibex are being re-calibrated automatically as new data becomes available and this means Ibex can always make decisions based on the most recent data points.

Ibex is constantly learning and adapting and this allows the system to respond quickly, for example to changes in the customer mix (due to changes in your acquisition strategy), so you are never stuck making decisions based on stale data.

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