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Ease of integration

Ibex can easily integrate with your existing CRM tools in order to send optimised recommendations via your current setup - allowing you to get started without a lengthy integration process.

How Ibex differs

Full automation
Profitability from the ground up
Targeting customers, not segments
Other CRM
Ibex does not use customer segments which need to be defined and maintained manually
Decisions are impacted by lifetime value rather than simply conversion rates
No manual scheduling of campaigns necessary: Ibex fully automates A/B tests and optimises campaigns

Deep learning algorithms

Ibex uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models developed by a team of data scientists to analyse and predict the behaviour of your customers.

These algorithms take behaviour and historic interactions into account in order to find the best action for each customer at each point in time.

Lifetime value forecasts

Based on the historic income generated from each customer, Ibex can accurately predict the expected future values.

Based on this, cohorts can be compared on a like-for-like basis and marketing decisions can be made on expected future values, rather than on historic data alone.

Channel and send-time optimisation

In addition to picking the best action for each customer, Ibex also determines the best channel and send time for each customer and each promotion.


Ibex calculates the lifetime value of each customer across all revenue sources / products.

This allows Ibex to make the best decision for maximising LTV globally, without worrying about unwanted side effects like cannibalisation.

Ibex capabilities

Ibex is a one-stop shop for customer retention marketing with optimisation and machine learning at its core.
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Ibex is automated at every step of the process, from selecting the best promotion for a customer to delivering a message at the perfect time. Our automation is geared for growth. As your customer base grows, Ibex becomes more intelligent and scales without the need for hiring a larger team. 

With Ibex taking care of the marketing recommendations, it frees up valuable resources and allows your team to focus on creating eye-catching content.

Bespoke Integrations

We work closely with your team to build custom integrations to suit your business needs. Typically, we begin with a minimal integration using simple data feeds and your existing platform. This allows us to get started as soon as possible and prove the value of using AI marketing. 

With the initial trial complete, our tech team can assist in automating the remaining steps of the process. This includes automatically activating promotions for customers and communicating to customers via APIs through various channels (email, SMS, push, call centres, etc.). 

Our experience building these integrations means that the process is painless and integrations with many common providers are ready to go.

Client portal & Insights

Ibex comes with a powerful management portal where promotions can be configured, and performance insights are analysed. Within the Ibex portal, promotions can be highly customised for example to include custom audience filters, regions, sites, and specific schedules. 

The Ibex reporting suite keeps track of all the important things like what Ibex is sending out, the impact Ibex offers are having and how this impacts KPIs.  

Furthermore, this is where insights can be drawn from the Ibex lab which is a report that gives detailed feedback on customer cohorts that are underperforming. This helps to constantly drive improvements to the offers and content that customers receive.

Machine Learning

Ibex utilises machine learning algorithms to select the promotion which has the greatest impact on the lifetime value of a customer. These models are unique to your customer data and are developed by our team of in-house Data Scientists. 

We factor in a huge array of interactions and indicators when evaluating what to send. This process picks up on nuanced behaviour which wouldn’t be possible with manual customer segments. 

Our machine learning even picks the most profitable communication channel, A/B tests templates, and selects the most effective time to send. This results in a truly personalised recommendation for each individual customer.

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