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Connor Coutts
December 12, 2022
Data Science
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A common problem experienced by marketing teams across the iGaming industry is the inflexibility of marketing strategies.
Most CRM tools require you to define numerous custom segments and player journeys which takes a lot of manual work to set up, with multiple team members involved.
So often, when a new strategy needs to be implemented, a lot of this manual work needs to be executed again which is both costly and unmanageable long-term.  
With Ibex, your marketing strategy can be shifted with the click of a button.
The strategy tool allows you to adapt the AI-driven recommendations produced by Ibex for the following three KPIs:
  1. Depositor Volume
  2. Deposit Value
  3. Income
This gives you the flexibility to drive the KPIs that are most important to your business which has a number of different use-cases across marketing lifecycles.
Depositor Volume
For example, when you are launching a new brand for the first time often the goal is to drive depositors on the site. In this case, utilising the depositor volume strategy will achieve this specific business goal.
Behind the scenes, Ibex will calculate the offer with the highest chance of a deposit for every player and automatically send the recommendations out to your players.
Deposit Value
Perhaps in later marketing lifecycles there is a goal to drive value back on your sites. Taking advantage of the deposit value strategy here will achieve this.
In this case, Ibex will adapt its recommendations to the offers which encourage the highest impact on deposit value for each individual player.
For more established player bases, often the goal is to be more efficient with marketing spend while also increasing player lifetime value. Using the income strategy here will achieve this.
With this strategy, Ibex will calculate for each player the expected impact on LTV (full player P&L) considering all available combinations of offers and only picks the offers that are most profitable.
To allow further control on the strategies used for each player, the tool can be used to change the strategy on a brand, region or player characteristic level.
This ensures Ibex can be adaptable to changing business goals without the manual legwork required with a more traditional workflow.
To gain further insight into this tool and other features we provide, get in touch at sales@ibex.ai. We are happy to provide a full product demo as well as a deep dive into how our machine learning models are built.

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