Ibex May update

Connor Coutts
May 20, 2022
Monthly Updates
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Want to test-drive Ibex for free?
With our latest updates you will have the ability to test the impact of AI-marketing completely free and with zero integration.
We’ll show you the impact that AI marketing can have on your customer base. You’ll see how automating marketing decisions can allow your team to focus on designing great content and scale efficiently as your business grows. 
All this requires to get started is getting in touch and providing us with some details on your customers and their activity. This will need to be in the form of two separate files:
  1. A customer csv file with records of all players, FTD date, registration date and other demographics
  2. An activity csv file with daily player transaction summary for the last 12 months. Only players with activity on the day should have records and all transactions should be in a single currency
After this, Ibex takes the wheel and provides a fully customised report within the portal showing insights on your customer base and an analysis on the impacts AI marketing could have.
Behind the scenes Ibex will analyse your customer data using our pre-trained models to predict which promotions will have the greatest impact on lifetime profit.
We will then create a recommendations file containing your customers and which promotions to send them. You will then action these recommendations through your existing bonus system / service provider and Ibex will analyse performance and asses impact which will be displayed in the portal.  
This workflow has been designed to be hassle free with zero integration and as transparent as possible to show how Ibex can change the way you communicate with your players and build your future marketing strategy.
Get in touch to see how Ibex can improve the lifetime value of your customers.

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