Ibex April update

Adam Lewis
April 11, 2022
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Over the last few months, the Ibex team have been developing an exciting new solution for AI sportsbook marketing.
Our approach integrates seamlessly with the existing Ibex portal, but with some powerful additions.
With the new campaign manager, you can now configure ‘labels’ based on different sporting events in the calendar. These labels can be linked with promotions and templates and allow offers to run for the relevant period of time leading up to a sporting event.
For example, adding a Wimbledon label will enable an offer to be sent within the period configured in the campaign manager.
Out of the box, you’ll have complete customisation to allow events to run in different regions and time zones. Helpful features like repeating events makes managing your schedule easy.
You can upload an entire sporting calendar using csv upload tool - this will automatically populate the calendar with your sporting events.
Campaign Manager
Calendar View
With the sporting schedule defined, our machine learning can take care of the rest.
Ibex will still be utilising state-of-the-art models to select the optimal offer to maximise lifetime value as well as the ideal channel, message and timing.
We analyse each player’s engagement for sports as well as the impact we can have on lifetime value by up-selling and cross-selling new products.
For more information on how our sportsbook tools can help you, get in touch.

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